How I Lost Weight With No Exercise or Effort

Unknown to me at the the time my,  How I Lost Weight With No Exercise or effort, started way back in early Oct 2009, my then, Thai girlfriend of 18 months and subsequently my fiancé of about 6 months. We met in thailand, during  Jan 2008 and subsequently got married, 08-Oct 2009, in Thailand, her name was, Thanyarat Nounprakhon, she now has my surname, which is Edyvane. And I also I like to browse famous project free tv site to enjoy movies while having my cup of coffee(beaten coffee)!

As this name is a bit of  mouthful, if I can quickly explain that all Thai’s get their name shortened to some affectionate name, similar to our ‘nick naming’ system but as they are about 90% devout Buddhist’s, they are usually given these shortened names by their town or village’s Buddhist priest shortly after their birth.

There name usually comes from the things in nature such as, birds, flowers, weather, even feelings, etc like ‘moong’, which means pig, ‘nok’, which means bird, ‘suay’, which means beautiful, ‘nam’ which means water, etc, etc, My wife’s name is ‘Dao’, which means star,  heck! I even got one, ‘phom juk, which describes the hair that is tied up on their children’s heads until they are old enough to have it shaved to go into a monastery for a period of time.
Many boys spend about three years of their early teens here where they get a good education and also taught the Way of the Buddha, much like our religious education.
My wife is known to everyone as, ‘Dao’ which means ‘star’ in thai and it seemed like no matter where we went in Thailand, well at least in Bangkok city, Buri Ram city and Pattaya, everyone seemed to know her and these places are not small.

Although it might seem like I am digressing at the moment but I am trying to set the scene for what is to come later on in my story. What I am here to chat about really, leads up to weight loss but not in the way you might be expecting because it has never been my intention to lose weight.
My weight story is not from one of the many, weight loss diets or 10 easy steps to losing weight type courses or programs that are prevalent everywhere because this article is not about any particular weight loss program or course, per sé.
What’s so special about this one then, you may ask and why should I carry on reading it if it’s not about a weight loss plan, well it is in some way a weight loss plan but not anything like any other.

In the past I had never had any weight problems, I had been training in the martial arts for almost 30 years and ‘we’ martial artists very rarely have weight issues either way. That said, I had to stop training due to a double ‘keyhole’ knee operation that put me out of action for over two years, that is, it was nearly three years before I could get myself into a squat position.
During this period, although it was very slow, I had been putting on bit of weight over the course of about five years, I had been ten and half stone for most of my life, which about 150lbs, approximately 65kilos. I have always had the kind of metabolism that could not put weight on if I tried no matter what I ate even for the first three years with no training I only went up to about 11 stone.

But as three or four more years went by  this time I am starting to get into my later years, I noticed I was up around the 12 stone mark, I hadn’t really been trying to prevent any increase in my body weight, I just put it down to getting older and had decided to do it gracefully but what was to happen later was something that I just practically stumbled upon by accident.

Let me explain, how this ‘stumbled upon ‘ how I lost weight’ discovery came about. Once my wife, Dao and I were married, in Thailand by the way and Boy oh boy!! do they really know how to make an occasion of it, most definitely not the sombre affair it always is here. There was so much chatting and laughter going on, ‘while’ we were being married, I couldn’t even hear the Buddhist monk reading out the ‘rites’. Thai’s really do like to have fun and they really know how to have fun too.
I had been there for a total of about 7 weeks but not being particularly well off, I had to get back to the UK, to set about applying for a visa, so that my wife could come and join me here in England.
I had already made my mind up that I eventually wanted to live back in Thailand but for the short term we would live here until my 21 year old, (at the time) daughter had finished her bio-chemistry degree.

My older children are all grown and married or nearly there now and plus we are going to have an extra couple of rooms added to the house we are going to build out there in a couple of years time, so they can come for any amount of visits they may wish to do.

All the time I had spent in Thailand I had always just eaten Thai food because it is so delicious, so to cut this story a little shorter, we get her visa back in record time which is just as well because by early March of 2010, she is 5 months pregnant and I have gone back to Thailand to; a. have one more month out there because now we are married I won’t have any reason to go back out there, and b. to bring her back to the UK pronto because a pregnant woman cannot fly in an airplane at over six months pregnant. So we take off on 08 April 2010 and she is exactly six months, to the day, we believe.

While I was in the UK and all the while we were apart, I had cooked and eaten nothing but Thai food and man, if I say so myself it tasted beautiful, it was more ‘ish, I couldn’t get enough of it. I had got to the point where I didn’t eat English food at all anymore or rather I didn’t even want to eat English food anymore.
I finally realised that  English food was so,… what’s  the best descriptive word, ‘stodgy’, you know that ‘bloated’ feeling that you get when you feel you cannot move because you have eaten too much, well I wasn’t getting that any more and yet I was eating more food at each sitting.

Fast forward>> June 22nd 2010 comes along and we have a baby girl, ‘Lawan’ and by Jan 2011 she is seven months old and I am in the chemist’s getting her some antibiotic’s for a cold she has, I happen to notice some weighing scales. Now, because my wife doesn’t think she speaks English very well she has avoided all the postnatal visits to the clinic, so we have been weighing and measuring Lawan at home.
Now I know the last time I was in Thailand, March 2010, I was about 85 kilo’s, which I couldn’t believe I had got myself up to 13 stone and when we left a month later I was about 83 kilo’z.

So I here I am now about nine months on with Lawan on my hip and I ask the chemist lady if I can use her scales because I don’t know Lawan’s exact weight, she agrees.
So I get on these scales, and to my surprise it came back with 83 kilos, so I’m thinking Lawan must be about 3kgs so I’ve lost about another couple of kilo’s since coming back from Thailand, 9 months ago.

You’ll have to excuse me if I seem to be jumping from pillar to post here but I trying to set a rough time-line out without going into too much detail along the way.
Another few weeks go by and I decide to take Lawan’s monthly weight with the baggage scales we had started using because the midwife hadn’t come round so often now to do her monthly a she had up until 3 months ago.

So imagine  this, I’ve put her in her car seat to weigh her as I had started doing and she was 9 kiloz, so my brain went on some sorta under/overdrive and my mind was running figures and impossible scenario’s through my brain, like the baggage scales must be way off or stopped working properly, how can she have put so much weight on, etc

I finally came to the only conclusion that made any sense, when I remember that I’d only allowed for Lawan being about 3 kiloz, which meant when I had weighed myself with her on my hip she was actually about 9 kilo’s, so I had actually lost more like 9 kilos since april 2010 and it was now beginning of February 2011, which works out to be about 11 months.
Now it is July of 2011 and we have bought some bathroom scales and my weight has gone down another two kilo’s, this is really cool because before I’d got on the scales that day at the chemist’s, the only thing I had noticed was my 32″ waist jeans that had been so tight, (so I had probably been almost a 34″ waist), were now so loose I was having to roll the waist down to prevent them from fallin down but it still hadn’t clicked, that I had lost weight. I mean when you put jeans on from clean on, at first they are tight and then they get loose, I just assumed that was the cause.

So a couple more weeks went by and I was just getting my 3-4  pairs of my 32″ jeans ready for the wash n’ remembering what I’d had to do to keep my 32″‘s up, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if……??’
I’ve had half a dozen pairs of a mixture of 29” and 30″ waist Levi’s, Lees n’ Wrangler jeans from my 20’s that I never had the heart to throw out even though I ‘knew’ I’d never have of ever getting back into them again. So I pulls them off their hanger’s and one by one begins to try them on and would you believe all the 30” waist’ers fit like gloves but still just slightly loose around the waist, how cool is that and I could almost get the 29″ waist ones on too but a little uncomfortably tight but they would have stretched.

Now, the only thing I have done different since being back from Thailand is I have only eaten Thai food, freshly cooked by, Dao, mostly in a wok, in a very short time and these meals taste deeeelicious, yummy!
So my large belly is almost completely gone, me man boobs have almost gone too, which in my book is a result on its own and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. I am now down to 71 kilos. oh! and btw this is with my jeans and all my clothes on as well, I don’t know what I might go down if I started exercising again too.

There are a couple of Chinese raw food stuff shops quite near to us and they sell a lot of raw Thai food stuff’s, like; Thai sauces, Thai farmer’s rice, (well worth buying), and all the other stuff you are likely to require like Thai birds-eye chilli’s and spices, lemon grass, galangal, tom yung goong n’ penang sauces, we top up on them every month of so.
If you want to find the same and plenty of Thai recipes if you google search, in fact if you would like some sample full colour photo’s (see sample enclosed) of the cooked meals with written instructions on how to cook them and the ingredients written along side then let me know, because I have a few and Dao never uses them.
These are, A4 sized prints, so much bigger than you see here, I was also planning on filming my wife making these dishes and putting them on utube, so that you can see for yourself what is involved and how quickly and relatively simple they are to cook. Would love to hear your comments or feedback on this point, eh?? So keep an eye on this post because if I carry on losing weight it’s gonna become a dynamic poste, ie; there will be more additions to watch out for, Okaaay

I will leave my email below and I will send any photo’s ordered back to you, more or less by return. You will find loads of these Chinese and Thai food stuff suppliers all over the place in your area, I have even seen some of these food stuff’s in the large Tesco’s, Aldi’s and Asda’s, so you can get the ingredients.

This was definitely a very cool way to lose weight with no exercise and no effort, to the point that I didn’t even notice the pounds falling away from me and with absolutely no effort unless you consider changing the food that you eat now, for a type food that tastes absolutely delicious, as effort. ;-/

This why I chose to write this, How I Lost Weight With No Exercise Or Effort, blog, so I hope it helps the ones that truly wish to lose weight coz this will definitely do it for you, u just have to change what u eat but u ‘will’ love the change and it is all so much quicker.

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