Finding the Best Cannabis Concentrates in Arizona

From edibles to creams, the medical marijuana industry has been pretty creative with how they serve marijuana and there’s just so many products out there to try. Medical marijuana in Arizona is up and coming and people are starting to get into different kinds of ways to consume it – including concentrates.

But the thing is, finding the best concentrates can be very tricky, especially if you’re new. So, what are the best cannabis concentrates in Arizona? We’ll find out soon enough. Dispensaries are packed with people and concentrates so let’s get down to business.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Before we even dive into what concentrates are considered the best, let’s first understand what concentrates really are.

Concentrates are components extracted from the cannabis plant that are specifically processed to have only the desired components such as cannabinoids and terpenes. Everything else gets dumped but these important components stay, that’s why they’re called concentrates.

To compare, these concentrates contain more proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to the natural flowers that people usually smoke or consume. Sound great, right? Some people even use the concentrates to increase the potency of their joints before smoking it.

Don’t get confused though, these concentrates can also be consumed on their own. Famous ones are oils or kief that have been known to bring a different kind of high. Some oils are just consumed through dabbing or vaporizers.

There are several types of concentrates:

  • Bubble Hash – this has a paste-like consistency that uses water, mesh screens, and ice to achieve texture and to pull out the trichomes.
  • Rosin – the texture is the product of squeezing flower under heat and pressure.
  • Shatter – has a brittle consistency that’s usually golden or amber
  • Dry Sift – also referred to as kief; it’s similar to a powder that has been achieve after several filtering using screens.
  • Distillate – finer cannabinoid oil that doesn’t have taste, smell, or flavor.

There are lots of concentrates in the market but these are the most common ones you can find.

Best Concentrates in Arizona

Now that concentrates have been given more clarification, let’s now look for the best concentrates in Arizona. Medical marijuana has been a hot topic now and people just can’t wait to get their hands on some good product.

Lemon Diesel Uterpia

According to patrons, this insane concentrate seems like a mix of California Sour and Lost Coast OG. It has been consistently tagged as the best concentrate in the state and people are attesting to that.

With a staggering 12-15% THC content, this sativa-dominant hybrid brings you a euphoric high that still leaves you focused and creative. If you’re also looking for a boost of energy, this will be your best choice.

The product can be found at Nature’s Medicines Dispensary.

  • Golden Lemon

This strain will definitely blow your mind. Funky Skunk Farms has created a strain that constantly lands the top 5 list of best concentrates in Arizona.

This hybrid knocks seasoned smokers off their seats. It has a strong citrus aroma that will leave everybody high. Best to keep this in a jar because it can spread out really quickly. The effects hit you pretty quick and you’re bound to ask for more.

You can find this concentrate at CuraLeaf and other famous dispensaries.

  • Tangerine Dream

With saying much, this is a really powerful strain. Being a descendant of Afghan and Neville’s Haze, this powerful hybrid was created to serve as a medicinal marijuana strain.

The citrus flavor is also pretty hard to ignore, if you ask me. It helps with the stimulation and relaxation of the body of whoever wants to use it. People usually use it to fight chronic pain and musculoskeletal pain.

It’s also quite good with inflammation. If you want to buy this, you can find it at Level Up.

  • Clementine LR

This hybrid has a sweet and citrus, lemon flavor. Coming from Tangie and Lemon Skunk descent, it’s a concentrate of live resin that constantly tops the list for concentrates.

Whether you want to smoke it to sleep or just to get baked, this concentrate will never do you wrong. For some, they use it to kill their pains like cramps which can be pretty useful especially for the ladies.

You can easily find this in any dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are still a lot of concentrates in Arizona but these finish off as the best ones. Run through this list and see if these also become your favorites, as well.

For people who are new to concentrates, it can be pretty confusing of which ones to try first. But all of the things on this list can really help you find the best one for you. Consistently ranking on lists, you better find the nearest dispensary and buy a concentrate now. Just ease into it, okay?

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