It all started when...

What is FROTH?

FROTH (First Round On The House) is a cocktail tasting membership in New York City. Use our mobile application to discover cool spots and taste featured drinks. Check out a new bar with your friends, and get your first rounds on the house!


So how does it work?

Every week, we cover a limited number of first rounds for all of our members. As you log into the app and grab free drinks, that number goes down. You can claim up to one drink a day, but everyone claims them from the same pool, so make sure to get yours before we're out for the week! You can get your free round at any of our participating bars.


How do I become a member?

Froth is an invite and referral based platform. Apply and join the waitlist through the app or our website!


How much is membership?

Membership is FREE. Not a free trial-period, not “free to download but pay to use,” just completely free. We only ask that you share your feedback about the drink and experience; we want the gossip.


Free drinks for me AND my friends?

Yep - Your friends don’t even have to be FROTH members to get their first round on the house - they just have to know the right people (you!). Rally up to 2 friends by sending them an invite code through the app to get their first round on the house with you.


What types of venues are on FROTH?

We have hand-picked 50+ bars around the city for every occasion, from game night to post-work drinks or girls’ night out. Some of our venue partners include Sanatorium, Botanic Lab, Sons of Essex, and The Handy Liquor Bar.

If there is a neighborhood or specific bar you’d like us to check out, just email


What drinks can I choose from?

Check out the bar profile page to see what they’re offering! When you arrive at the bar, you can order your drink right from the app!


When and where can I unlock my drinks?

You can unlock one free drink through FROTH per day. Just browse through the app to see what available options fit your vibes!


Any other questions?

Please email and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!